Practicing Vunerability

By Guest Blogger Wendy Whitmore M.S. LMFT


When you have been hurt and it feels like you cannot go on, and find yourself questioning your ability to love again; it is then that you must allow yourself to be vulnerable and open up to the possibility of loving again. Crazy right?! Because after a broken heart the last thing you are looking to do is be Vulnerable and Open to Love.depression image

It is almost like learning how to fly with one wing, b/c once your heart has been broken, you often are never the same and there are times when you feel you will never be whole again. A broken heart can often leave us standing on shaky ground and feeling like we have no direction. It is at these times that we have to look within ourselves and re-discover who and what we really are and where we stand. We can allow out heart breaks to do one of the following: Make Us Stronger and Give Way To Change, Placing Us In the Position To Receive the Type of LOVE That We DESERVE or Break Our Spirit.

When coming out of a situation that has led to heartbreak, we often cannot see the rainbow on the other side and hold onto the anger, pain and resentment caused by our heartbreak. Often we do not want to forgive, we do not want to hold ourselves accountable for our part in the demise of the relationship and we do not want to look forward to the possibilities of a better tomorrow. We refuse To Be Vulnerable and Open Ourselves Up To the Possibility of REAL LOVE and Instead Stay Stagnate, Angry, Bitter, and Full of Resentment.

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When your heart has been broken you can choose to either stand tall, move on, forgive yourself and them for the failed relationship OR stay stagnate and miserable.






Which do you choose?

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