Fear of Weight Loss; Surprisingly True for Most People

You haven’t lost weight because of fear.  Losing weight is such a mental game, yet we just focus on calories in and calories out.  That’s not enough.  Although so many Americans want to lose weight, we seem to be doing it all wrong as a society.  We alienate ourselves or at least we feel alienated in our diet world.  I challenge you to grab the bull by the horns and face these hidden fears.  Consider this an alternative to weight loss that will actually lead to maintaining your hot, thin body for a lifetime.  It’s the ONLY way!

  1. Be YOU.  It’s scary to be “me??!!”  We all do what we “should” do or are expected to do, but ask yourself if that’s being your true self.  Do you engage in relationships, pursue careers, and act in ways that is the societal norm but completely against your nature?  When we live in a way that isn’t congruent to our true nature, we gain weight because we eat to fill the void, become depressed, or spike our stress hormones which lead to belly weight gain.  Stop living to please others.  I acted for others my whole life and breaking free was the best thing I did for myself. 
  2. Try New Things.   New can be scary.  Be willing to get out of your comfort zone.  You may find your new passion or surprise yourself with your hidden talents.  I recently signed up for a choreographed dance class for my wedding and loved it.  Mind you, I’m NOT a dancer.  I’m actually embarrassed to dance, but now I can’t wait.  What a great way to lose weight and have a blast doing so.
  3. Move.  You may feel embarrassed to start an exercise routine for fear of how you look or how difficult it feels at first, but movement reduces stress, balances our blood sugar, improves metabolism, keeps us young, and sheds weight.  If you hate the gym, don’t go.  Why torture yourself?  I love beach volleyball and I would never call that exercise.  I call it fun, social time, beach time, outdoor time, and even…therapy.  What’s your “beach volleyball?”
  4. Involve Others.  Dieting feels embarrassing, so we isolate ourselves.  Break out of your shell and get social.  As social creatures we need support and community.  If you “flock” with healthy eaters and exercisers, then that becomes your ecology.  It’s so much more fun.  I promise!
  5. Let Go.  Letting go of control is so scary for some of us.  Allow your body room to respond and do what it does well which is to thrive and heal.  If you put up barriers at every corner, you’ll never lose weight.  That stress tells your body to slow down metabolism.  Let go of strict rules and discipline.  Focus on quality versus calories.
  6. Real Focus.  Focus on having fun, adding pleasure in your life, and all things that make you happy.  This fills our heart and soul, then there’s no need to fill up with food and sweets.  It’s easy to reach for food, and potentially difficult to search for fun given our stressful American lifestyle.  More joy equals less weight. 
  7. Delicious Food.  And of course, we have to eat delicious foods that also provide nutrition.  Load your plate with your favorite vegetables cooked to perfection.  Let go of toxic diet bars, diet fads and shakes, and starvation!  Allow your body to be smart instead of telling it exactly how many calories to eat and what it can’t have.  Don’t we just want it more when someone tells us we can’t have it?

The key to your success is living a life that feels amazing.  Your weight gain or any illnesses you’re facing are mere symptoms of a bigger picture.

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Samantha Hua has been involved in fitness and healthy eating since 1992. With a bachelor degree in biology, she spent the first part of her career focusing on research and improving communities by starting community gardens, nutritional education, and supporting those in Africa, Latin America, and the US. She then became AADP certificated as a Health Coach. She studied under Paul Pitchford, Neal Barnard, David Wolfe, Marion Nestle, David Katz, Mark Hyman, Barry Sears, Deepak Chopra, and many others. After witnessing poor health in her own family, she is dedicated to support others regain their health and vitality through an effective system that incorporates nutrition, measurable action, and behavioral change. She focuses on addressing the root cause of the problem for weight loss, optimal nutrition, and balance that lasts forever. She was featured on San Diego CW6 Morning News as a local expert.