I am a survivor of child abuse, have overcome (mostly!) my food addiction, and have learned that I can live life on my terms, and can be happy.

I started this blog in order to help other people, especially women, learn that it really is possible to overcome abuse, shame and addiction.  I have read so many ‘how to’ books that only show you the steps…they don’t go through the emotions that you experience.

I hope my blog shows you that you can feel strong, horrible, hateful emotions, that it’s HEALTHY to do this….and that you can use this cathartic cleansing to purge these ugly emotions out of your life and create emotional space where you can now feel happier, healthier, positive emotions. I offer you the pain that I went through so we can walk this road together…with the goal of coming out on the other side happier and healthier.

This is not a quick-fix.  It takes time, emotional and spiritual courage.  But I know you CAN do this!

I also provide links to people who I respect, who have other tools that can help you along your healing journey.  Health, fitness, mental wellness, pampering, and resources.

I am writing a book on this experience, Pieces of Me: How Forgiveness Healed a Shattered Heart. It will be available very soon!

Thank you for joining me and walking this healing path with me.  I hope my words inspire and encourage you to keep walking forward.

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    • Hi Kayla
      I emailed you from my yahoo account but thought I would reach out here as well. I would be very interested in my story being featured in your magazine. Please let me know your process

  1. Hi, we are a small group of Graphic and Photography students from Bedford University in the United Kingdom and as part of our brief for our project we are to include an editorial piece for our content, relating to the subject of journeys.
    Having read your story we are hugely inspired by your personal journey and would love to include your story in our magazine (non published & non profit)?

    Kind Regards
    Demi Blackbourn