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The Perfect Diet! Which One Is It?

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It does not exist.  Let it go.  Stop looking for it.  Let me explain why.  Our body is constantly changing and so is our lifestyle.  I recently read that:  “Each second, ten million red blood cells are born and die. The stomach lining completely regenerates in a week, a healthy liver in six weeks, and the skin surface in a month. Scientists postulate that 98 percent of all atoms in the body are replaced within a year, 100 percent within seven years.”  The only constant we have is change.

We all have different bodies.  My clients all eat very differently because we work towards finding the combination that’s best for that person at that time.  The best thing to do is learn how to listen to your body.

So, where does this leave us?  How do we get healthy and thin?  First thing we have to do is get rid of barriers that get in the way of success and often lead us to make poor choices.  The common barriers I see in my office are stress, imbalance, lack of boundaries, years of bad habit, over-worked, and most importantly—a lack of pure pleasure.  We don’t do enough to include joy and excitement in our DAILY life.

When we live our life full of joy and we understand how to feed our body, the weight drops off automatically.  That’s my definition of a true, sustainable diet.  NOT calorie counting, point system, discipline, torture, or exercises you hate.

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